Yogadance Company

"Happy in the Stillness. Happy in the Dance...for there is no Music without Silence."

Creative Yogadance Company style founded by Penny Cook and her yogi-dancers in 2007.

"Is it Yoga or is it Dance? It's an energetic combo of the two." Women's Health Magazine, 2010.

This is a creative, fun, uplifting approach to yoga and meditation coming together with the performing arts. No previous dance or yoga experience is necessary, simply an openness to embrace the experience.

Yogadance explores our being and tells a story through music and movement. It follows yoga principles and technique, yet takes creative license to explore the boundless possibilities of yoga practices in performance as a means for joyful expression and self-discovery.

The classes are energetic and combine a cardiovascular workout as they follow the pace of a dance class. There is an improvisation component where we collaborate and explore artistic ideas. You are guided every step of the way on your creative journey.

Finally, we take silent meditation to nourish our spirit with stillness following all the music and movement.

Learn how to connect with your centre, develop deeper self-awareness and tap into your creative side. The music repertoire to date includes: Chillout,  Classical, Jazz, World Music, Pop, Latin, Funky Soul...

Creative Yoga Dance Workshops are held throughout the year. Join our contact list to find out more about them! We also collaborate with performing artists and dance teachers to offer you truly unique masterclasses and perspectives on yoga and the arts. 

Yogadance "classes increase energy and flexibility. Joy is another common by-product" Australian Yoga Journal, 2012

Next Workshop Dates for 2016

Saturday 23rd July, 3:00pm-5:00pm

Saturday 20th August, 3:00pm-5:00pm

No previous dance experience required. These sessions will be held at Lane Cove Bowling & Recreation Club. Bookings Essential.

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