Penny Cook

Panagiota Cook is a dedicated yogi with over 15 years experience into the science and art of yoga and founder of Bodytone Yoga. She is a registered Yoga Therapist with clinical experience and Yoga Australia Teacher since 2005. Penny is also the creator and Artistic Director of Yogadance Company (est. 2007) taking yoga into the performing arts, fostering deep exploration into self and other, creative expression, movement therapy and connecting with the joy of life!

Penny loves teaching therapeutic yoga one to one, small groups, corporate groups, athletes, prenatal yoga, mothers groups, children and dancers.

She is a cheerful and compassionate soul, commited to sharing this healing modality with you. More than anything, she loves being part of your journey in yoga, physical therapy, meditation and creative expression. It is a joy supporting you to lead a healthier, happier more balanced life.

Her journey in Yoga began in 2001 at Iyengar Yoga class, practicing Rodney Yee DVDs at home, Meditation Classes, Hatha Yoga, Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga, Yoga for Dancers, Yoga for Mums, Children and Families. Her inquiring mind has also taken her into clinical yoga, working with elite athletes, performing artists, corporate executives and their teams as well as therapy and rehabilitation groups and individuals.

Why do I practice Yoga?

"From my very first session I walked away feeling better emotionally. This discipline grounds me and helps me focus on the important things in life. The body fitness, excellent recovery from life's challenges, freedom for dance, personal and professional enrichment on all levels of my being have been the incredible bonuses! I love facilitating people's healing journeys and path to experiencing the best version of themselves. This is my calling."

Qualification Details

Level 2 Yoga Teacher, Yoga Australia Registered Member
Graduate Certificate in Yoga Therapy, Australian Institute of Yoga Therapy, 2013
Prenatal & Postnatal Yoga Teaching Training Certificate, 2012
Advanced Yoga Studies & Teacher Training Certificate, 2005
Applied Anatomy & Physiology of Hatha Yoga Certificate, 2005
Rainbow Kids Yoga Teacher Training, 2011
Active After-School Community Coach Training Program, 2013
Certificate in Thai Massage Level 1, Sydney College of Thai Massage, 2000
Bachelor of Arts in Performance Studies, HRM and IR, The University of Sydney 2001

Other Experience

Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga Apprenticeship with Nadia DiLorenzo, 2004-2005
Yoga for Dancers Intensive with Hilary Cartwright 2009
Teaching Yoga at Bristol Old Vic Theatre School, UK, 2009
Professional NRL Sports Team (A-Grade Level), Stretch Training Provider, 2011 -2012
Back-Bending Workshop with Venkatesha V., Expert Yoga Therapist, Mysore, India, 2011
Yoga and Creative Dance Summer Intensive, Mangala Studios, 2013
Broadway Dance Center, New York City, Dance Training Retreat, December, 2013
iRest Meditation Workshop with Richard Miller, 2015


Sanobia Palkhiwala

Sanobia Palkhiwala is a dedicated yogi,Yoga Instructor,  Early Childhood Teacher and Academic Researcher. She has been leading yoga-based work with rural and underpriviledged communities in Jamaica and India since 2010.

Sanobia loves teaching yoga with children, teachers, corporate groups and mothers groups. Sharing the practices and philosophies of yoga with an open spirit and warmth.

Her journey in Yoga began in 2001 when she was introduced to the practice by her father. Since that initial introduction, Sanobia has never looked back and has been a yogi ever since. She began practicing with Penny Cook in 2007 as one of her first Yogadance Students. She has also practiced Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga,  Hatha Yoga, Birkam Yoga and attended various Meditation retreats.

Why do I practice Yoga?

"Yoga is about developing self-awareness which in turn fosters a more connected and harmonious community. I see the value everyday in sharing yoga with people from all walks of life, be they school children in Sydney, young mothers in rural Jamaica or teachers and pre-school children in India. Yoga is about connection to self and connection to others."

Qualification Details

Registered Yoga Australia Provisional Member, 2014
Teacher Training Certificate, Yoga Institute, Santa Cruz,  2012
Bachelor of Education (Early Childhood)
Masters in Educational Leadership (Early Childhood)
PhD Candidate: Thesis on Facilitating Professional Learning, Embedding Yoga Principles into a Disadavantaged Preschool in Mumbai, India
University Tutor, Institute of Early Childhood, Macquarie University, 2013-present.

Other Experience

Sanobia has run various programs which focused on yoga within a at risk communities, such as new migrant families and women experiencing domestic violence.
She has also initiated and run two yoga-based programs in South-West Sydney for mothers and their toddlers, funded by a Parenting Program.
Currently conducting PhD Research in a slum-area Preschool in Mumbai, India. Working with the teachers, sharing yoga practices with them to enrich their teaching and interactions with the children.

Shyamla Eswaran

Shyamla Eswaran is a dedicated yogi, dancer and writer. With over 25 years experience, Shyamla shares the joy of dance through teaching, performing and fusing various styles including Brazilian Samba, Bollywood, Hip Hop and Contemporary. As a writer, Shyamla's work her focused on not-for-profit and human rights-based organisations including Barnados Australia, The Australian Human Rights Commision and the NSW Aboriginal Land Council.

A professional dancer since the age of 15, Shyamla has appeared on stages around Australia and abroad. She has taught at dance schools throughout Sydney and London as well as performed with and choreographed for Australia's leading cultural groups including Melange Dance (World Dance), Sirens Dance (Bollywood) and Rhythm Brazil (Samba)

Her misson is to use the arts to inspire positive change, enchance the lives of people and strengthen their sense of connection to each other as well as their communities. Shyamla loves teaching movement and dance workshops with Bodytone Yoga.

Why do I practice yoga?

"Until I practiced with Penny Cook, I only regarded yoga as a tool to stretch out my body as a dancer. However, through combining regular practice with meditation, I've deepened my understanding and now appreciate the grounding that yoga offers to all levels of my being. Yoga is a practice that humbles, nourishes and energises me every time I step onto the mat. It helps me to realign myself physically, spiritually and emotionally which helps me to be  a better teacher, artist and person."


Bachelor of Communication (Social Inquiry), 2004
Masters International Human Rights Law and Policy, 2010
Senior Level 1 Jazz, British Dance Association
Grade 9 Tap, British Dance Association
Grade 4 Ballet, British Dance Association

Other Experience

Lead dancer, Sirens Dance, 2013-present
Lead dancer, Rhythm Brazil, 2009-2014
Lead dancer, Melange Dance, 2007-2009
Dancer, Bellacize, 2013-present
Dance teacher (Hip Hop, Jazz, Contemporary), Belinda's Art of Dance, 2013-present
Dance teacher (Brazilian Samba, Bollywood, Hip Hop), Dance Central, 2008 & 2013
Dance teacher (Hip Hop), Danceworks (London), 2006-2007
Dance teacher (Jazz Funk Hip Hop), Ettingshausen's Dynamic Arts, 2003


Namaste, deep respect from the divine spark in me and best self to your best self.