Time to nourish yourself and bring balance into your everyday life. Live with greater clarity and joy!

We are passionate about personalising yoga and meditation for you. We support you with the best tools and practices you need right now for mental, physical and emotional well-being. Working together as a team, encouraging you to look after yourself today and in the long-term. Namaste!

Learn simple, effective ways to release tension in your body and calm your mind. Build healthy tone, great posture and freedom of movement. Rejuvenate yourself to feel your very best in everyday life.

This is about you feeling at home in yourself and being who you truly are - amazing.

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Our commitment to you

Excellence, warmth, personalised service and experienced, specialist instructors and therapists in the science and art of Yoga. We hold specialisations in Yoga Therapy, Prenatal and Postnatal Yoga, Children's and Family Yoga, Meditation, Movement and Dance. You will develop a strong focus and discipline on practices suitable specifically to your mind-body composition and lifestyle. We are passionate and dedicated to you being fully supported, inspired and encouraged to nourish your well-being for the long term.You have a personal voice in all our sessions and special care is taken to ensure your technique is perfect every time. You do not "get lost" in the crowd with Bodytone Yoga. No matter what your experience, your beautiful, honest attitude is more important than what your body can or can't currently perform. Namaste, Penny and the Team

Release Energise Meditate DVD: Practice at home with our yoga therapist Penny Cook

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