Embody, inspire and nourish your best self. Therapeutic yoga programs for you and your team.

We are specialists in therapeutic yoga programs tailored specifically for you and your organisation. Invest, empower and inspire the best in people.

Learn practical, powerful ways to release tension in your body and calm your mind. Build strength, flexibility, healthy tone and great posture. Reduce stress levels, prevent injury, strengthen morale and promote deeper, more meaningful connections and professional relationships.

Corporate Group Programs - Tailored classes for your workplace

Private Lessons  - One to one personalised practices for healing and great health

Yoga Dance Workshops - Uplifting team building events, inspire confidence and problem solving through creative thinking

Support  - Additional practices,classes and materials to support you on your journey

Our commitment to you

Excellence, warmth and expert instructors. We hold specialisations in Yoga Therapy, Prenatal and Postnatal Yoga, Children's and Family Yoga, Meditation, Movement and Dance. You will develop a strong focus and discipline on practices suitable specifically to your mind-body composition and lifestyle. We are passionate and dedicated to you being fully supported, inspired and encouraged to nourish your well-being for the long term.You have a personal voice in all our sessions and special care is taken to ensure your technique is perfect every time. You do not "get lost" in the crowd with Bodytone Yoga. No matter what your experience, your beautiful, honest attitude is more important than what your body can or can't currently perform. Namaste, Penny and the Team

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